EcoPar Bio

EcoPar Bio – 100% fossil-free fuel

EcoPar Bio – 100% fossil-free fuel, guaranteed free from palm oil and PFAD

EcoPar Bio is 100% fossil-free: it is made from animal and vegetable fat. EcoPar Bio is a HVO and a synthetic paraffin oil that can be used in diesel engines and burners.

EcoPar Bio is an ultra-clean fuel that is 100% renewable/fossil-free: the raw material is animal and vegetable fat. EcoPar Bio is an HVO and synthetic paraffin oil.

EcoPar Bio is guaranteed free from palm oil and PFAD. This means that we have achieved our goal to supply EcoPar Bio without contributing to the destruction of the Earth’s rainforests.

EcoPar Bio can withstand temperatures as low as -35°C. EcoPar Bio is chemically stable, which gives it good storage stability.

EcoPar Bio is one of the most eco-friendly fuels on the market. CO2 emissions are up to 92% lower than with diesel oil based on crude oil.

EcoPar Bio significantly reduces the emissions of soot and toxic hydrocarbons.

EcoPar Bio is non-toxic to aquatic organisms. It is particularly useful if you are working close to water protection areas, nature reserves, biotopes worthy of protection, and other sensitive natural environments.

The references below are exhaust measurements and toxicity tests performed on EcoPar AB’s synthetic paraffin oils.

EcoPar Bio conforms to the technical standard EN 15940 that covers the whole of the European Union.