EcoPar Alkylate Gasoline

The cleanest fuel for all types of gasoline engines

Cleaner exhaust gases with EcoPar Alkylate petrol

EcoPar Alkylate petrol contains no aromatics or olefins, which means that carcinogenic, persistent and toxic so-called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are reduced by up to 90% in exhaust gases. Alkylate petrol reduces nitrogen oxide emissions and reduces the contribution to ground-level ozone. Alkylate petrol does not contain ethanol.

Compared to regular gasoline, alkylate gasoline has a much better shelf life. Ordinary commercial gasoline such as 95 octane changes after just 3 months, while EcoPar’s Alkylate gasoline can be stored for several years. (Many machines such as lawn mowers and snow blowers are often left unused for at least 6 months a year and can then be perceived as difficult to start with regular gasoline in the tank.)

Alkylate gasoline is often referred to as environmental gasoline because it is the cleanest gasoline available, it is 99% cleaner compared to ordinary commercial gasoline. It is possible to refuel with Alkylate petrol without emptying the tank as it is miscible with ordinary petrol.

Alkylate gasoline is good for all types of gasoline engines. The engine stays cleaner inside and is much easier to start when it has not been used for a while, for example after winter storage. EcoPar Alkylate petrol is particularly well suited for machines where you come into close contact with the exhaust gases, such as chainsaws, lawn mowers and boat engines. EcoPar Alkylate petrol easily improves the working environment compared to a traditional fuel.

Today, it is often a requirement from municipalities that their machines must be refueled with Alkylate gasoline as they protect the health of the employees and the environment.

EcoPar Alkylate petrol is available as both 4T and 2T (oil-blended) and we deliver directly by tanker or in 5-litre canisters.