About us

EcoPar – to help you, me, and the global environment

EcoPar AB was founded in 1998, EcoPar AB has been supplying ultra-clean fuels to the market since 2003.

Environmental fuel for a sustainable future

EcoPar AB aims to reduce the negative impact that we have on the surrounding environment where many people live and work. However we also look at the global perspective: we want to play our part in creating a sustainable future. If you also want to get involved, replace diesel oil with ultra-clean fuel from EcoPar AB.

Our fuels

EcoPar AB sells and distributes fuels for all kinds of diesel engines and burners – EcoPar A, EcoPar Bio and EcoPar Marin. These environmental fuels are non-toxic and biodegradable. EcoPar fuels produce much cleaner exhaust emissions than diesel oil.


EcoPar’s environmental fuels are distributed in Northern Europe.

Secure deliveries

To safeguard the quality and environmental credentials of our deliveries, we only use shipping companies that have been checked and approved by EcoPar AB.

Tanks and pumping stations

You can buy or rent all kinds of filling equipment up to 50 m3 from EcoPar. Tanks are supplied with or without an ‘environmental container’, and are approved and inspected on delivery.

Tanks are equipped with everything from simple and very functional pumps to advanced filling station pumps. We can also offer you remotely readable meters to improve your service.