About EcoPar AB

EcoPar AB sells and distributes environmental fuel all over Sweden

EcoPar AB was founded in 2006, when overtaking over the business operations of the Oroboros AB, founded in 1998. EcoPar AB has six employees, but with retailers, warehouse operation, distribution, etc.,a substantially larger number of people are employed in our business.

The company is owned by a number of private owners, employees and external.

Our Business Concept

EcoPar AB develops and markets ultra-clean fuel for diesel engines and turbo-jet today. Our fuels are among other things, free of sulfur, aromatics, and polyaromatic hydrocarbons. In addition, fuel oil is produced, much of which is renewable.

Our goal is to reduce the negative impact on the local environment, ie the environment many of us live and work in, as well as on the global environment by reducing production of CO2 and thus a lower impact on greenhouse gases.