EcoPar – Ultra-clean fuel for diesel engines and jet turbines

EcoPar AB develops and markets ultra-clean fuels for today's diesel engines and jet turbines. Our propellants are free of sulfur, aromatic and polyaromatic hydrocarbons.

Our goal is to reduce the negative impact on the local environment, i.e. the environment many of us live and work in, as well as on the global environment with reduced production of CO2 and thus lower impact on the greenhouse gases.

EcoPar® is ultra-pure fuel for ordinary diesel engines, developed and patented by EcoPar AB (pat. no. 522 918). Compared with diesel oil, emissions of many carcinogenic substances are reduced by over 90%. The concentrations of nitrogen oxide in the environment are reduced by up to 50%.

We also offer sales and rental of tanks from 2 m³ up to 50m³. We develop new fuels and new additives to improve existing fuels in the market. In our product range we have synthetic paraffins, which replace diesel which is partly made of gas and partly is completely fossil-free.